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Recently Bought A Recreational Vehicle? Don’t Forget RV Insurance!

While many people spend vacations in a fancy hotel room or perhaps with only a tent and campfire, more people are discovering the joy of seeing the United States while driving a recreational vehicle down the highway. Commonly known as an RV, a recreational vehicle offers the conveniences of home, while still providing you the flexibility of a motor vehicle that lets you go wherever you want. However, while some recreational vehicles get insurance coverage through a standard auto insurance policy, it is often recommended RV owners purchase a separate RV insurance policy for their home on wheels. If you’ve recently purchased an RV but need additional details about RV insurance, here are some important tips to keep in mind.

What are the Coverage Options for RV Insurance?

When you need cheap car insurance for your RV, the good news is Velox Insurance offers numerous coverage options for your recreational vehicle. Similar to many types of coverage found in Atlanta auto insurance policies, RV insurance can include such types of coverage as bodily injury liability, collision, medical payments, property damage liability, and uninsured/underinsured motorists. While each of these types of coverage is important, medical payments coverage can be crucial should you and any passengers be injured in an accident. Should this happen, this coverage will pay for your doctor, as well as any medical expenses, no matter who is deemed to be at fault.

Why is RV Insurance Necessary?

Since you no doubt already have affordable homeowners insurance through Velox, it only makes sense to purchase RV insurance for what will be your home away from home. Along with this, it is always recommended that if you are planning on using your RV for long trips, having RV insurance coverage can give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your time on the road. After all, as many insurance experts point out, the more you are on the road with your RV, the greater the likelihood an event may occur that will require insurance coverage.

Does RV Insurance Only Apply to Motorized Vehicles?

Whether you purchase a motorized RV or a travel trailer that is towed by a vehicle, RV insurance can apply to both types of recreational vehicles. However, it is important to remember that if you purchase a travel trailer, it must have various types of fixtures to qualify as an RV unit. Examples of these fixtures include accommodations for cooking and bathing, refrigeration, electricity, heating, and air conditioning.

How Can I Get Affordable RV Coverage?

As recreational vehicles have evolved over the years, most people who own an RV agree there is simply no better way to take a vacation. Since you essentially have your home with you on the road all the time, you can simply sit back and enjoy the ride. But while doing so, there are many things you can do to make sure you have the most affordable RV insurance coverage for your needs.

One of the easiest is to simply be a responsible driver while behind the wheel, and make sure each trip you take is a safe one. By doing so and maintaining a clean driving record, you will undoubtedly qualify for a discounted premium.

Along with this, you can become a member of an RV association. When joining one of these groups, you can often qualify for various discounts pertaining to your insurance coverage. However, before joining a group, always check with your Velox agent to make sure you are signing up with a group that makes you eligible for Velox discounts.

Finally, if you feel it will be a solid financial decision for yourself and your passengers, consider raising the deductible on your coverage. When you do, you will enjoy a lower premium.

However, remember that by carrying a higher deductible, you will bear a far greater financial burden in the event of an accident. Therefore, think carefully and discuss this option with your Velox agent before making a final decision.

Bundle Your Coverage

When you are considering purchasing RV insurance, consider bundling your other types of insurance coverage with Velox.

For example, by combining cheap car insurance and affordable homeowners insurance with your RV coverage, you can likely enjoy additional discounts. This is becoming a much more popular trend within today’s insurance industry, since it allows customers to not only save money, but to also have the convenience of having all their insurance coverage with one agency.

Thus, if an accident occurs or questions arise about coverage, getting the answers you need will be a much less complicated quest.

What Will I Need to Request a Quote?

Once you purchase your recreational vehicle and decide to start your search for RV insurance, you will need various types of information when requesting a quote from a Velox agent.

Some of the most pertinent information needed will include:

  • Brand, model, and condition of your RV
  • Names of individuals who will be covered by the policy
  • Name of current insurer, if any
  • Types of safety devices installed on your RV
  • Personal items to be carried in the RV

While all of this information is not necessarily required in order to request a quote, having it available for your agent will enable them to make sure they can give you a quote for insurance coverage that is much more accurate and reliable.

How Much Coverage Will I Need?

Like most types of insurance coverage, the amount of coverage needed varies from person to person. However, when purchasing RV insurance, always take into account not only how often you plan to use your RV, but also how you use it. To learn more about this, discuss your plans with an experienced Velox agent.

Whether you need Atlanta auto insurance or have made an RV purchase and are now eager to hit the highway with your new vehicle, always look to the experts at Velox Insurance for the coverage, pricing, and advice you need to keep you and your family safe.

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