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Safety Reminders: Decorating For Halloween

October is here! And it’s time for scare pranks, spooky costumes, and haunted houses. It’s that time of the year where we anticipate the spookiest holiday. Younger ones get busy thinking what to wear to costume parties. Kids get excited for trick-or-treating. Meanwhile, homeowners busy themselves with Halloween decorations.

Decorating can be a fun task, and it can bring out your creativity. But bear in mind though that there are elements in those decorations that can be dangerous to unsuspecting visitors. Here are some safety reminders that you need to keep in mind when preparing for Halloween.

Ditch the candles.

Well, Halloween is somehow a children’s activity so you might want to reconsider using candles for decorations. Candles are just so much of a fire hazard. Instead, use glow sticks which can be bought from party supply stores for your jack-o-lanterns. These glow sticks cast an eerie green glow and are generally safe to use.

Follow the directions stated on the package.

If you’re putting up lights, check the package directions. If they’re for indoor use only, don’t use them outside. Read the instructions on your fog machine. Take the necessary precautions for decorations that you’re not familiar with.

Be Alert.

If you don’t want to ditch the candles, you should be alert all the time. Don’t leave them anywhere unattended especially when there are children around. Keep a fire extinguisher handy.

Don’t use knives.

Halloween can never go without pumpkins, right? While you’re carving your pumpkin, keep an eye on your children and never let them handle sharp objects like cutting knives. If possible, buy tools that are used just for pumpkin carving. If your kids insist that on participating in such activity, you can let them draw the pattern or poke the pumpkin flesh after finishing carving.

Secure the perimeters.

If you have props hanging, dangling, draped, or staked, make sure that you keep it secured. Foot traffic is to be expected, thus tape loose wires down using duct tape. Also, during the evening, check these places often for loose edges that need to be re-taped.

Clean up the mess you made.

Use absorbent pads when you carve your pumpkin. Make sure to put the slimy innards and pumpkin seeds into a bowl.

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