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Protect Your Car & Yourself with Safety Features & Car Insurance in Atlanta, GA

Car insurance in Atlanta, GA keeps your car safe, while safety features keep you safe!

When looking for a new car, it?s important that your vehicle is safe! Car insurance ensures that your car is protected in an accident, while safety features ensure that you?re protected in an accident. Purchase car insurance in Atlanta, GA and review these safety features when buying a new car!

Crash Safety.

When looking for a new car be sure to check out the structural design of the car. Your vehicle should have a strong crash cage and should be designed to absorb the impact of a crash. It should have a structurally sound center and a bendable rear and front. You should also check your car?s crashworthiness. Make sure your car will protect you in a crash!

Roll Risk.

While larger vehicles can be a safer option when it comes to crashes, they also have a greater roll risk. Before you buy your new car check to see its likelihood of rolling.

Airbags & Seat Belts.

Airbags and seat belts are vital in keeping you safe! Seat belts prevent you from flying out of the car in an accident, while airbags prevent any serious damage from impact. Seat belts should have both a lap and shoulder strap. Airbags should be installed in the steering wheel and in the side panels of your car. Just be wary of how close you sit to the steering wheel. While airbags can save your life, they can also cause serious injury so try to keep your distance.

Bells and Whistles.

Additionally, look for safety features such as day-running lights and anti-lock brakes. They?ll keep you safer on the road!

Once you’re protected, be sure to protect?your new ride with?car insurance in Atlanta, GA! Contact the professionals at Velox Insurance, located in Atlanta, Georgia, to?serve all your vehicle and property insurance needs!

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