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The Right Way to Installing Child Car Seats

There are two things you need to do before installing a car seat. First, be familiar with the instruction manual. And second, look for a free car seat inspection station in your area. You can find these stations everywhere, and they are free of charge. So take advantage of that because no website can compete with a real expert. In the meantime, here are a few tips.

  • When installing a car seat facing forward, ensure that it?s flat and tight enough against the seat. Make sure that you secure it firmly in place.
  • Be very certain that the car?s seat belt goes through the right slots. After installing the car seat, give it a good yank to ensure that it?s properly in place.
  • If you own a car that was made before 1996, you might want to utilize a locking clip for the car?s seat belts. To know more about this, make sure you read the owner?s manual.
  • If there?s more than an inch of movement from the harness, strap, or the car seat itself, you should tighten it properly. Keep in mind that even only an inch of movement can cause serious problems to your child?s internal organs if you meet an accident down the road.
  • If you can still move the car seat, readjust it. Check its movements from side to side or from forward to back.
    Make sure that you understand how the harness buckling system works. You can tighten and loosen harness straps using the harness adjustment lever. This information should be found in your manual.
  • Straps should always remain flat. Don?t let it twist.
  • Once your child is secured in the car seat, check the straps to ensure that they are locked in place. Also, make sure that the car?s seat belt is locked as well.
  • A support system for your child?s head, neck, and body is also necessary. If you don?t want to purchase it, improvise instead. Use rolled up blankets, towels, or cloth diapers to secure your child tightly in the seat. Make sure that everything is snug!

Installing a car seat isn?t that difficult if you?ve read the manual. You?ll eventually get the hang of it if you?ve tried installing it more than once. A car seat for your child is an important safety device that you should install in your vehicle. Neglecting to do so means you?re not following the law.

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