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Recommendations for Employee Road Safety

A vehicle collision may occur every five seconds in the United States. A person dies every twelve minutes, and a person gets injured in an accident every 10 seconds. As a business owner, it?s important that you have a commercial auto liability policy that will fully protect you. That policy should be iron-clad. It is also important to initiate a program for employee road safety. It can help reduce the risks of your workers getting involved in a crash.

Driver’s Safety Programs are Mandatory because they help Save Money and Lives

If you have employees who drive on the job you need to let them know that you are serious about their safety. Make sure that they all completed the driver’s safety program. You may even ask them to repeat it once or twice a year, depending on their driving frequency and history. You may fulfill the training by outsourcing to a driver education provider or do it within the company.

Drafting a Written Safety Policy is Also Important.

It should define the unacceptable and acceptable workplace driving protocols. It includes things like not using the cell phone while driving. Your divers should also avoid eating while driving and of course not drinking alcoholic beverages. They should also stop and look both ways before any railroad crossing. Make sure that all the employees understand and sign your driving safety policy. Times will come when you discover that they are not following the safety procedures and you may use the document as a ground for discipline or dismissal.

Use a Carrot-and-stick Approach

Be clear about what you expect from your employees. Reward them if they have clean driving records. Safe driving allows the business to save money. Set a goal for all the staff to drive without accidents and traffic tickets. Reward them whenever they reach the goal. The goals you use will depend on the number of employees you have. You may choose between monetary rewards, special privileges, catered luncheon or recognition. Work toward this shared goal so you can make safe driving a part of your business culture. It will create a sense of accountability and camaraderie among your employees.

Your most valuable assets are your employees. Emphasize safe driving so you can keep them safe and cut the financial losses. Make sure that they are aware of the policies that have been designed for their protection. If you use a personal vehicle in your business you may also need a comprehensive commercial auto liability policy for this situation. It?s best to speak with a qualified commercial auto insurance agency like Velox to make sure you have the appropriate coverage.

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