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Proper Tips on Cleaning Your Car

Who wouldn’t love to hit the road with a clean car? We all know that we live in a world where people make snap judgments based on one or two-second first impression. If that impression is seeing you getting out of a filthy car, then it’s time to get a car wash and know the ways to take care of your car. Though you don’t need to wash them daily, as long as you make sure that the dirt will be removed before it gets a chance to penetrate your paint.

Choosing a Carwash:
In selecting a carwash, you need to consider your personal preference or what you like the best. Most of us use the dish detergents because that is what we always have at home, without realizing that it will take off emollient oils from the paint. If you opt for your wax to last longer then you take the quality car shampoos into consideration since they have gloss enhancers and small amounts of water-soluble wax. Avoid hot water because it will soften the wax. Also, ditch the powdered car wash for the un-dissolved particles might scratch your paint. Just keep in mind that, the more car wash you use, the more wax you remove.

Hand washing your vehicle requires good quality of soap, bucket, grit guard, and most importantly, a high quality microfiber wash mitt or a sponge. So here are some of the suggested tools.

*Wash mitt- This is a piece of terry cloth, shaped like a pouch that the hand fits in. Using a wash mitt that is 100% microfiber material, will proved to be a drastic reduction in any kind of scratch that may happen on the paint.

*Wash pad- This is a soft material covering that is sewn over a sponge. Same with the wash mitt, it has soft fibers and doesn?t lint or scratches the paint.

* Sponge or brush- This is usually used on wheels but I don’t recommend this since it has the ability to scratch the paint. And again, choosing a tool to use cleaning your car is a matter of personal preference.

Steps in Proper Washing:

  1. Body- It’s best to not wash your car when it’s out in the sun. ?A hot surface causes the wash and rinse water to evaporate too quickly and increases the likelihood of water spotting. Spray and wash the entire surface of the car gently from top to the bottom then rinse. Wash and rinse it one section at a time.
  2. Wheels- When you wash your car, clean the wheels and tires first. If you wash the car body first, the water will dry and spot your car before you can properly finish washing the tires and wheels. You will need a soft tire and wheel scrub brush, a sponge or washcloth and a water hose and nozzle. Do not clean the wheels if they are still hot from driving. Let them cool or thoroughly hose them down. Remember to dry them using a detailing towel after washing the rest of your car.
  3. Drying- If you have a paint safe squeegee, use it on the windows first and follow it with a microfiber drying towel starting at the top and work down. To prevent streaking, fold your towel into a square for wiping. Once the exterior is mostly dry, open the doors and wipe down the jambs, sills, and seal areas. Dry under the doors or your sills will get wet again once you close the doors.

Bird Droppings: For stubborn problems on your paint and other surfaces, use an insect remover or pre-wash cleaner. If the contamination has a lot of grip, use a paint-safe bug sponge.

Inconvenient water supply: If you have water issues, then you can simply use a plastic bucket (metal bucket might accidentally hit your paint). Take your car shampoo, wash mitt, drying towels, wheel cleaners and then pour the water over your car, and then you?re good to go.

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