Condo Insurance: What is HOA Insurance?

If you live in a condominium, you’re sharing the building with other people. That means you share elevators, garage, fitness centers, and other amenities. To have some sort of order, each resident must join the homeowners association (HOA). This association sets rules and handles maintenance of common areas and the building itself. And since the homeowners own the building, they need to insure it.


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VELOX - Car Insurance Need Not Be Expensive For Students

Car Insurance Need Not Be Expensive For Students

There’s a mix of excitement and dread when your child becomes eligible for his road test. You feel excited because you will no longer have to drive him or her around. And dread because you’re worried about their safety and not exactly sure how much the insurance will cost. Car insurance for students isn’t going to be cheap, but there’s a lot we can do to reduce the expenses.

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VELOX - Motorcycle Insurance Coverage & Tips

Motorcycle Insurance: Coverage & Tips

Having the right insurance policy in place is as important as having the right motorcycle for you. The right policy should not only fit your lifestyle but your budget as well. While Georgia requires a minimum amount of liability coverage, other coverages are optional. Just because it’s optional though, doesn’t mean you don’t need it. In order to know whether the coverage suits your needs, you should have a full understanding of various options available.

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VELOX - What You Need to Know About Student Car Insurance

What You Need to Know About Student Car Insurance

Unfortunately, many of us understand too well that young students can be expensive to insure. With their inexperience and hectic schedules, they are at risk for fender-benders and other types of accidents. It is a smart idea to get them insured with the best auto insurance there is. While it can be expensive, you can always find a way to reduce the premiums. But first, you should understand how insurers come up with your rates.

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VELOX - A Guide to Reducing Commercial Auto Insurance Rates

A Guide to Reducing Commercial Auto Insurance Rates

Owning and managing a business is one of the most difficult things you can do in life. And owning a fleet of vehicles certainly doesn’t help. Vehicles constantly need maintenance and repairs and the welfare of your drivers may also be of concern. All of these can take a toll on your finances and may even put your business at risk. That is why it is always a good idea to insure your commercial vehicles properly.

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