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Motorcycle Insurance Claim: Factors To Consider

Filing a motorcycle accident claim is similar to filing a car insurance claim. You should be able to prove that your injuries are caused by the other motorist?s carelessness. However, the regulations concerning motorcycle accidents may vary from one state to the next. Here are the important things you should consider during a claim.

The Right Insurance Policy

The most important factor that you need to consider when filing motorcycle insurance claim is your policy. Motorcycle insurance is a very specific coverage and the laws governing it vary in each state. In most states, riders who don?t have enough coverage will be limited to their options after an accident.

How the Accident is Documented

If you?re able to, gather as much information about the accident as you can. But if you need immediate medical attention, you should make it your first priority.

If your injuries are minor, take photos of the scene and get the names and contact information of the witness. But if you?re unable to gather information yourself, enlist someone who would do it for you. Notify the police immediately because the sooner they arrive, the more likely they?re able to gather information from the witness. Even if you?re at-fault, don?t hesitate to call the authorities.

Medical Treatment and Records

Seek medical attention as soon as possible after the accident. Even if you?re feeling fine, you probably need to be evaluated by a medical professional. You may have injuries that aren?t visible externally. You may have trauma that won?t immediately be apparent until the next few days.

Securing medical records will allow the insurance adjuster and jury to get an idea about your physical condition, before and after the accident. Bear in mind that motorcycle accidents often result to expensive medical treatments. Thus, seeking immediate medical attention can contest claims of malingering or exaggerated injuries.

Having a comprehensive medical record will help you reach a settlement on your case. Without a complete understanding of the cost and duration of treatment, you may undervalue your settlement and find yourself paying out-of-pocket expenses that should be the other party?s responsibility.

Call your Insurer Immediately

After receiving medical treatment, make sure you notify your insurer. Note that insurance companies usually have strict requirements when it comes to claims. They can even reject your claim if you wait too long before notifying them. Lack of proper notice can be used in court to make you look dishonest and may hurt your chances of succeeding in a claim. If you?re not capable of reporting the accident yourself, make sure you have someone to do it for you. Never let accidents go unreported.

Consult a Lawyer

Even if you don?t have a lawsuit, consult your lawyer that you have everything in place.
Don?t wait until something happens to you. Make sure you?re properly covered.

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