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Money-Saving Car Maintenance Tips

With today?s high-tech cars, we only have fewer opportunities for DIY maintenance. Cars today need less maintenance than they once did a few years ago. However, some routine services nowadays require a specialist?s attention. But still, there are maintenance tasks that you can do yourself at home to save money.

Waxing and Car Wash

Regularly cleaning your car will help preserve paint as it removes road grime and residues that can damage the finish. As you wash your car, you?ll have time to see the body up close. That makes it easier for you to spot chips, scratches, and dents that you might not have noticed from afar.

With the Use of a cleaning solution for automotive finishes, wash the car working upwards. Apply car wax at least once a month to maintain quality shine. For weekly applications, you may use spray wax. Other types of waxes, however, can be used every 1 to 3 months.

Removing Dents

If you want to avoid costly dent removal services, you may do-it-yourself using a dent removal kit. This kit works by hot-gluing a suction cup to the dent and pulling it out using specialized equipment. Note that you may not be successful on the first try.

In general, the more experience you have, the better the results will be. Avoid pulling the metal out too far. Small dents that are less than 1 inch in diameter are usually the most difficult to fix. Dent removal kits work best on 4-inch diameter dents.

Cleaning Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers typically don?t last long. At best, they can last for up to six months only. However, your wiper blades can last longer if you keep them clean at all times. With the use of a paper towel dampened with water and a little soap or glass cleaner, wipe off the rubber edge. Make it a habit to clean the windshield and the wipers as you fill your car up with gas.

Bear in mind that you shouldn?t use wipers to remove ice from the windshield. Doing so will damage it quickly. Use the car?s defroster and an ice scraper instead. Keep a stock of new blade assemblies as soon as you see streaking. If you?re changing one blade, it would be best to change both.

Restoring Headlights

Modern car headlights use plastic covers that often become hazy over time due to exposure to dirt and other elements. There?s a restoration kit, containing abrasive cloths and special finishing liquid, which you can use instead of changing the whole headlight. Some kits are applied with elbow grease, while others require an electric drill.

Changing Light Bulbs

It isn?t difficult to change light bulbs. However, you need to make sure that your extra bulbs are according to the specifications found in the manual.

Note that accessing a light bulb can be a tedious task. If you can?t find any access, you may consult a manual or look online. There are times when you can?t do it your own. Accessing the fog light bulb, for instance, may require removal of the front bumper.

Treating Stains

If you have stains on your car, use stain removal products to your upholstery and carpeting. Follow these guidelines for removing stains:

  • The earlier you treat stains, the better.
  • Blot on the stains. Do not rub them to avoid spreading.
  • Cold water should be used.
  • Before trying any product, test it first to make sure that it won?t cause color damage to your upholstery.
  • Spray bottles make your life easier. They are also cheaper than aerosols.
  • To make stain removal easier, use a Scotch Guard or similar products.

Being able to maintain your car yourself will save you lots of money for repairs and maintenance. Aside from that, being a responsible car owner may earn you auto insurance discounts. If your insurer sees that you only have a few claims, they might reduce your premiums. Thus, more savings!

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