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Gifting Yourself a Car Modification This Holiday Season? It May Spike Your Auto Insurance Rates

Hey there, Peach State folks! So, you’re thinking about tricking out your ride, making it the flashiest car in the Deep South? Before you get all “fast and furious” on your vehicle, you need to understand a little more about how certain vehicle mods might send your car insurance rates soaring faster than a Dodge Charger on nitrous. 

Auto insurance and vehicle modifications can be a murky topic, so this guide will help you better understand the financial ramifications and impact of car modifications on the insurance premiums you pay. 

Turbocharged Engine! 

Starting with the big boys: got any engine modifications that increase your horsepower? Yeah, insurers are going to notice. More power often means more risk. If you’re going all out with that turbocharger or supercharger, be ready for a turbocharged insurance premium. It’s pretty typical that performance enhancements and rates going up go hand-in-hand. 

Lifted or Lowered Vehicle 

Want to raise your truck or drop your car? Looks cool, but changing your vehicle’s height can affect its stability. Plus, it can make your ride more susceptible to rollovers or bottoming out. Insurers? Not fans. Body kit and cosmetic modifications like this can also make your vehicle inherently less safe on the road and may even provoke the ire of your local highway state trooper. 

All About That Bass Sound 

Got a sound system that can shake the windows of every car at the stoplight? Sweet jams! But a high-end stereo system can make your vehicle more attractive to thieves. What does that mean for your insurance? You guessed it — a potential rate hike

Pretty woman rocks out to her car stereo - car insurance in Georgia

Rims and Custom Wheels 

If you’re planning on getting those snazzy, expensive rims, bear in mind that they can up the theft appeal. A pricier replacement cost means… yup -pricier premiums. 

Dark, Mysterious Tints 

Those window tints sure can give your car a sleek, undercover look. But in Georgia, if your tints are darker than what’s allowed by law, you could face a fine, and your policy rates might also climb up. 

Racing Stripes and Fancy Paint Jobs 

These might seem like just aesthetic changes, but if they significantly increase the value of your car, they might also increase the cost to insure it. And sometimes, insurers see those racing stripes and think… “risky behavior.” 

Aftermarket Bumpers and Spoilers 

While they make your ride look sporty and chic, these mods can affect aerodynamics, weight, and even safety. This one’s a mixed bag; it might up your rate, or it might not. But it’s good to be aware! 

The Fine Print 

Every insurer is different, so while one might give you a side-eye for that neon under glow, another might not bat an eye. Always, always check with your insurance provider before making any major mods. Also, remember that if a modification makes your vehicle non-compliant with Georgia state laws, you could face penalties beyond just insurance rate hikes. 

Modifying your car can be a blast and a great way to express yourself. But it’s always smart to think ahead. Will that shiny new mod be worth it if your premium rates shoot up? Only your wallet knows for sure. Just remember that engine modifications and insurance costs go together like peanut butter and jelly, and so do customization and aftermarket parts. It all drives the price up! 

Save Money on Auto Insurance in Georgia Today 

No matter what you plan to gift yourself this holiday season, Velox Insurance can help you save money on your auto insurance. You can get a quote online, or by calling us at 855-468-3569 or by visiting your friendly agent’s local Georgia office to see what options make the most sense for your personal financial situation. Stay safe on those Georgian roads, and may your ride be as peachy as our beloved state! 

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