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How is Boat Insurance Different From Car Insurance?

Boats are a lot like cars. You drive them, park them, store them and they can be stolen or damaged by the elements. It seems to make sense that insurance for cars and boats would be exactly?the same but there’s actually a few important differences to understand if you own a boat. Here’s three of the biggest?differences between car and boat insurance:

Boat Insurance Can Be Purchased for an?Agreed Value.

When you buy collision or comprehensive insurance for your car you’re insuring that vehicle for the market?value at whatever point it’s involved in a loss. If your car were stolen or??totaled today you’d get the same price for your vehicle as you would if you tried to sell it today.

Most of the boat insurance policies we sell offer an “Agreed Value” option where the boat is insured to a predetermined amount and if there’s a loss the owner will be paid that amount, regardless of depreciation on the boat.

If you’re not sure whether insuring your boat to an agreed value is a good idea in your situation talk to one of our local boat insurance experts.

Boat Insurance Can Be Suspended

As long as a vehicle is registered in your name it needs to be insured but that’s not necessarily true for boat insurance.

If you take your boat out of the water many of our policies offer the option to suspend coverage for a certain period of time. Although it’s a good way to save money on boat insurance it can cause trouble if you decide to take your boat out on the water at a time when it’s not technically insured.

Boat Insurance is not Required

Unlike car insurance, boat insurance is not required in the state of Georgia. But that doesn’t mean you should go without it. In fact it might be even more important since there’s a greater chance of your boat being damaged by someone else’s uninsured boat.

Just because boat insurance isn’t required doesn’t mean you won’t?have any legal responsibility for what happens in your boat. It’s even more important to have liability coverage in a boat because even the smallest accidents can have really expensive outcomes.

What else do you need to?know about Boat Insurance?

If you’re looking for the best rates on boating insurance there’s only one place to look:??Velox Insurance.??Give us a chance to save you money or improve your policy. You can request a quote online here, give us a call at 1-855-GoVelox or find an insurance agency near you.


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