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How Can Seniors Get the Best Car Insurance Rates?

While you may get senior discounts as soon as you turn 65, your car insurance rates may also start to increase. That means you have to focus a little more on getting the best auto insurance rates out there. Here are several tips on how you can save on auto insurance rates as a senior.

  • Enroll in a defensive driver course.

With some carriers you get a reduced rate just for turning 65 years old, others require you to enroll in a driving class for you to earn discounts.

Defensive Driving courses cover a lot of topics for a small price. They?ll tell you how age and medications affect driving and how you can drive safely considering the age-related changes.

  • Choose your car wisely.

Auto insurance rates vary according to the type of car you drive. So when you shop for cars, you might want to ask for insurance quotes on the models that you?re considering. In general, the cheapest cars are those that are not costly to repair and replace, and are used by safe & experienced drivers. Thus, ensure that you get all the discounts from the features of your car, like anti-lock brakes and airbags.

  • Ensure that your car is well-protected.

Car technology nowadays can help you qualify for discounts. Install alarms, disabling devices, and vehicle tracking systems to protect your car. Note, however, that you don?t have to install advanced technologies to get the best insurance rates. Many companies can offer you discounts just by putting a Vehicle Identification Number to on your windshield.

  • Drive less.

If you?ve recently retired from work, inform your insurer. They may decrease your premiums if you don?t drive to work every day. Also, consider getting a usage-based insurance policy, which bases your premiums on your driving habits. You can get discounts for having low mileage and driving the car during the safest times of the day.

  • Look for cheap, but dependable coverage.

It would be wise for you to look and compare car insurance every year to ensure that you?re getting the best rates out there. Note that insurance premiums vary per company. The easiest and most effective way to do this is to work with a Velox Insurance agency who can offer you multiple quotes without the hassle of contacting several different companies.

Ask your agents about discounts you can qualify for so that you can have your rates adjusted. Just bear in mind that you shouldn?t compromise the value of your coverage over getting the lowest price. Look for an affordable, but a reliable policy.

Here at Velox Insurance, we aim to provide competitive rates and excellent customer service to meet your insurance needs. Our commitment to providing affordable and dependable insurance coverage has allowed our company to grow and open 31 locations in Georgia and 1 in Indiana. Call us now at 1-855-468-3569 and talk to our agents. Or get a free car insurance quote online right now and find out how much you can save.

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