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Homeowners Insurance Tips & Tricks

Protect your home with homeowners insurance!

When you own a home, it?s important to purchase homeowners insurance. In the event of damage to your home, you don?t want to get stuck with a costly bill, so take the time to invest in homeowners insurance and protect your home! Here?s what you need to know when you take out a policy.


Not all policies provide equal coverage. It depends on your policy, but homeowners insurance often covers damages to your property from storms, fires, ?and vandalism and protects you from liability. Make sure you understand the details of your policy and look at how much coverage you get! Sometimes policies only cover the structure of your home. Choose a policy that best fits your lifestyle.


When looking for a policy, shop around. Make sure you look at at least three separate policies. A little research goes a long way when it comes to insurance shopping! Once you decide on a policy you like, see if the company gives you any additional discounts for taking preventative measures to protect your home. Installing an alarm system or smoke detector may get you a lower insurance rate.

Replacement coverage vs. market value

Be aware that homeowners insurance covers replacement costs in the event that your home is damaged. Replacement cost are different from the market value. Also, be aware that if you make any changes or renovations to you home you should report them to your insurance agent to make sure that there aren?t any coverage gaps.

Extended Coverage

Look into extended coverage. Not all policies cover personal belongings. An extended coverage policy can be purchased to cover things not insured by your homeowners policy. Be aware that certain natural disasters require additional policies, too!

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