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Keep Car Thieves Away Over Christmas

Maintain quality car insurance over the holidays in Atlanta, GA.

?Tis the season for auto thefts! From belongings to the car itself, many drivers are the victim of theft this time of year. This can take a massive impact on finances as well as transportation.

Luckily, keeping your car safe from theft in Atlanta, Georgia is easier than you think! Consider these tips to protect yourself and your property!

  • Be alert: Always be aware of your surroundings. Get your key ready before you get to your parked car.
  • Parking: If possible, avoid shopping alone after dark. If you must, park in a well-lit area with pedestrian traffic or a lot attendant.
  • Put items in the trunk: If you must leave something in your car, place it in the trunk or somewhere out of sight.
  • But put them there before parking: Place items in the trunk, then park your car. If a thief sees you place a valuable item in the trunk then leave your vehicle, they may be tempted.
  • Don?t risk it: Even if you are only popping into a store for a quick errand, never leave your car unlocked or your vehicle running unattended.
  • Don?t argue: If a carjacker wants your vehicle, let them have it. Most carjacking incidents involve a weapon, and a car is not worth your life.
  • Dial 911: If you witness an auto theft or carjacking, call 911 immediately.

Car owners have much brighter future if they utilize these tips which help to keep their car safe. Luckily, car insurance is designed to protect yourself and your finances in the event of theft. So that you have optimum coverage for your vehicle, contact Velox Insurance in Atlanta, GA today.

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