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New Year Resolutions For A Healthier You!

New Year Resolutions for a healthy new year!

As we look to the new year, we see a fresh start! Get a more productive jump on?2016 with these healthy new year resolution ideas!


Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Our busy lives tend to leave little time for ourselves. Not only does it make life more stressful, but it prevents you from spending time with family and friends. These habits are bad for your health, because stress increases your risk for serious illness such as heart disease and obesity. In the new year make more time for yourself. Take time to spend with friends and family. In fact, socializing is good for you! It helps reduce stress and people who socialize more often tend to live longer!

Cook more.

Rather than making a resolution to lose weight, simply try cooking more often. Ordering food is quick, but you don?t have much control over how your food is prepared and it likely isn?t made to be healthful. When you cook, you retake control over what you?re consuming. If you?re pressed for time, try preparing all your meals on Sunday night. Then you’re all set for the week ahead!

Enjoy the Great Outdoors.

Most of us sit for the majority of the day. We sit at a desk, sit in a car, and sit on a couch. Get up and move in the new year! What better way to do that?than exploring the outdoors? Physical activity will help reduce your risk of obesity and heart disease while the sunshine gives you a healthy does of vitamin D!

Think positively.

Chances are you probably aren?t as?optimistic as you could be. Change your mindset in the new year! The more optimistic you are, the better you?ll feel! People with happier outlooks on life have lower risk for depression and anxiety.

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