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Different Types Of Airbags For Car Safety

Car owners should always take safety into consideration. Airbags signify safety when it comes to modern automobiles. Ten years ago we didn?t see as many airbags used in vehicles. However, cars these days come with over a dozen airbags, which can somewhat be confusing to understand. Here?s a list to help you understand airbags in today?s modern world.

Front Airbags

Since 1995, the United States have required all automobiles to have dual front airbags. Generally speaking, all new and most pre-owned cars have dual front airbags.

In case of a crash, the airbag from the passenger?s seat pops up from the dashboard, while the airbag on the driver?s seat emerges from the steering wheel. The airbag force in older vehicles that do not have weight sensor can inflict harm on small children than providing protection.

Due to this, the government highly recommends that adults put their kids who are below 13 years old at the back seat of the car. There are a lot of new cars today that come with a weight sensor in the front passenger seat to allow the little ones to sit in the front, without the risk of an airbag deploy.

Inflatable Seat Belt

Some car manufacturers have created inflatable seat belts that act like an airbag. It also comes out in a collision. It works by spreading the force of a crash through other body parts of the passenger, which in a way, minimizing the impact. Considering that the force is not concentrated, the person will feel less pain.

While Ford announces that they will use this inflatable airbag technology to their other car models, for now, it is only available in the back seat of the Ford Explorer.

Side Airbags

Basically, there are two types of side airbags in modern automobiles; the curtain airbag and the torso airbag.

The curtain airbag provides protection to the head as it comes out from the ceiling of the vehicle. Curtain airbags usually protect the front and back seat areas. In some bigger cars, they can also extend to the third-row passengers.

The torso airbag, on the other hand, protects the torso from a crash and the is located on the side of the car seats. Torso airbags are generally found in the front seat of most cars, but you can find luxury cars that also have them on the back seat.

Knee Airbags

A knee airbag protects your knees from serious fracture and prevents kneecaps to shatter. It is an uncommon type of airbag, but more and more automakers now include knee airbags on their vehicles. For example, Toyota uses them to increase car safety. They are found on the dashboard of a car and prevent the knees to hit the hard surface.

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