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Car Servicing 101

Regular servicing is important for cars to remain in good condition. ? no matter how old they are. Servicing schedules may be found on the manuals to serve as a reminder. However, modern cars will have message reminders or warning lights when it?s time for a service.

The Importance of Car Service and Its Cost

You may view car servicing as a financial burden. But if you try to look at the long term, it is actually a wise move. The cost of a service depends on many factors like the type of checkup and the services to be performed.

Car servicing ensures that your car is in top condition because technicians will check the mechanical and electrical parts of your car thoroughly. Doing so extends your car?s longevity and helps retain its value as well.

It allows technicians to check other parts of your car, such as brakes, tires, and suspension. This makes sure that they are working well. Aside from that, it helps them diagnose potential problems and recommend how to correct the issue before it becomes serious.

Car servicing is also the perfect time for you to tell your technicians about certain issues you?ve noticed while driving. Doing so will allow them to investigate and fix the issue while they check your car.

Frequency of Car Service

Car service should be done yearly or by a specific mileage outlined by the manufacturer. The best way to determine the timeline is to check your handbook. Note that service intervals may vary according to the manufacturer, model, fuel type, and engine.

What Types of Services are performed in a Service?

The type of service performed during a car service varies according to the interval you reach. If you service your new car for the first time, oil and filter change is done. The second service may include replacement of certain parts of your car, like spark plugs and brake fluids.

Keep in mind that this is also the best time for your technicians to check for problems in your car. If they found any issues, you will be advised on how best to fix them for an additional cost.

Benefits of Car Servicing

The primary benefit of having your car serviced is the assurance that it?s running optimally. A car with a clean engine will have better fuel efficiency, thereby saving you money in gas.
In addition, it is also a financial investment. It saves you money in the long run as you prevent serious car issues. It protects your warranty as well.

When you decide to sell the car, your full-service history will boost the value of your car. That?s why you should always bring your car?s service booklet with you when you go to the garage or dealership so they can stamp and date when the service was performed.

Aside from that, you may also earn discounts from insurers. Thus, letting you save more insurance money.

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