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Car Safety Devices that will Save your Life

While getting in a car is probably one of the most dangerous things we do, we still do it every day. Why? That?s simply because it?s the quickest way to go somewhere by land. And although accidents happen every day, the numbers tend to drop every year, thanks to these car safety technologies!

Seat Belt

With the various technological advancements today, the seat belt is still probably the number one car safety technology there is. On average, wearing seat belts reduced the number of fatalities by 50% according to several studies. Meanwhile, other studies show that seat belts save an average of one life every seven seconds.


The airbag was created in the 1950s. Originally, it was made to replace seatbelts altogether. However, studies were inconclusive.
Experts agree that wearing seat belts and having an airbag in the car is most efficient. Today, airbags have decreased the number of fatalities in a car accident by approximately up to 20% according to several studies.

Electronic Stability Program (ESP)

The electronic stability program is among the recent developments in car technology. It prevents your car from uncontrollable skidding during an accident. The sensors placed in the vehicle ensure that the driver?s steering is in accordance with the vehicle?s trajectory. If that isn?t the case, the ESP steers the wheel back on track.

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

The anti-lock braking system was invented in 1929 for aircraft use. It was then adapted widely by automobiles sometime in the 1970s. The ABS technology prevents to lock up when skidding, braking and trying to avoid an obstacle. Studies reveal that up to 40% of all road accidents were avoided because of the ABS car safety feature.

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