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Stay Safe On The Roads This Back To School Season

Back To School Driving Tips

Summer is coming to an end, and while your kids may be dreading getting back into their school schedule, you may be excited about the peace and quiet at home. While making sure that you have the proper back to school supplies, it is also important to make sure that you know how to stay safe while taking your kids to school. Keep these back to school driving tips in mind to make this school year the best one yet.

  • Consider the bus ? being a school bus driver is one of the most stressful jobs, which can be made even more stressful when dealing with impatient drivers on the road. Be respectful of the bus to help make the driver?s life a little easier. Keep a safe distance between you and the bus, and yield when they are trying to merge into your lane.
  • Watch your speed ? when children are present, the speed limit in school areas drops. Driving slower in school areas is not only the law, but it will also help to keep you and the children safe.
  • Be a safe walker ? if you walk your kids to school, or when walking them to their classroom, respect the rules of the road. Only cross the street in designated crosswalks. The safer you are when walking your child to school, the safer they will be when they grow up and walk to school on their own.
  • Take a refresher course ? if you have been driving for over 30 years, you may assume that you know all that you need to about staying safe on the road. However, a refresher course can help to make sure that you are following the proper rules. As an added bonus, it may also qualify you for a safe driver discount with your auto insurance policy.

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