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How To Avoid Potholes Down The Road

Potholes can be anywhere. If you?ve passed one before, the heavy thud probably worried you. You?ll either listen for noises as you cruise down the road or pray that the tires are okay. Thus, it makes driving stressful!

Can potholes be avoided? Of course! But how? Move to another place or never drive again? Fortunately, those shouldn?t be the case. Read these following tips on how to avoid potholes.

Drive slowly within the speed limits of the area.

Speed limits may vary, and they are meant to be followed. But that doesn?t mean you cruise at the maximum limit, though. Slow down a little to allow for more reaction time. Aside from that, passing a pothole at lower speeds won?t usually cause as much or severe damage as hitting it at higher speeds.

Keep a safe distance between you and the motorist ahead of you.

Keeping a safe distance from the motorist ahead of you is generally a good driving practice. While it helps prevent accidents, it comes in handy at avoiding hitting potholes as well. The farther you are to the other car, the more likely you?ll notice a pothole and strategically dodge it.

Even if you?re already familiar with the road conditions of the place, it is still best to keep distance.

React quickly but intelligently when you?re about to hit a pothole.

Assuming that you?ve taken our tip above, you should only brake lightly. As your speed slows down, apply the brakes entirely the moment before impact. Applying hard brake at high speeds may lead to rear-end collisions.

Don?t swerve in an attempt to avoid the pothole. Aside from potentially causing an accident, swerving can cause more damage to the tires, rims, and alignment.

Watch out for water.

Rain or snow can fill potholes with water. Thus, it makes them harder to see and harder to determine how deep they actually are. That makes potholes more dangerous. So when in doubt, avoid them.

Almost 500,000 insurance claims are filed every year due to potholes. So if you?ve fallen victim, you are not alone. That is why it?s crucial to be alert when driving to avoid costly damages and stress.

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