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Are Swimming Pools Included In My Home Insurance?

What better way to spend a sunny weekend with family and friends than to take a dip in the swimming pool? And there are few better ways to relax after a long week?s work than taking a swim in your pool. But do you know that owning a pool comes with responsibility? If someone gets injured, do you have the right insurance in place?

Let your insurer know if you have a pool at home or you?re planning to put one. In general, swimming pools are covered by your home insurance policies. But it would be wise if you take a look at your coverage first to ensure that you have the right amount of coverage in place.

Liability Coverage

A considerable amount of people is rushed to the emergency room every year due to pool-related injuries. If injuries happen to someone at your pool, you are potentially liable for the medical or legal expenses that result from that incident. That is why it is important that you have enough liability coverage.

Liability coverage is part of a standard homeowners insurance policy. But since having a pool at home can increase your risk, you should consider getting more coverage.

Property Coverage

The coverage of your homeowners insurance will likely extend to your swimming pool. But nevertheless, ask your agent if you need to increase the limits of your property coverage base on your pool?s value.

Bear in mind that most policies will not include coverage for damages caused by water freezing in your pool. Thus, you may want to ensure that you have the water drained at the end of each season.

Is Extra Coverage Necessary?

If you want additional protection, you might want to consider buying an umbrella policy. Umbrella policies will extend the limits of your homeowners policy up to $1 million. Coverage begins when you?ve consumed the limit of your standard home insurance policy. Ask your agent if you have enough protection on your standard policy to bridge the gap in your coverage.

Precautionary Measures

Taking safety precautions will help you reduce the risk of pool accidents. It is recommended that you install a fence of at least 4 feet tall around the pool with self-latching and self-closing gates. In Georgia, there are state and county laws regarding pool fences. So it?s a good idea to check with your local authorities first.

Supervise your children at all times. There?s a pool safety program that requires parents to learn how to swim and ensure that their children will also learn the skills.

Use a proactive approach to safety measures and insurance protection. That way, you will gain the peace of mind that comes with preparedness. Spend pool time with your loved ones without having to worry all the time.

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