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4 Tips For Maintaining Your ATV

The promise of warmer weather is getting adventure enthusiasts excited. To a lot of people, this means getting their ATVs out of storage and getting them ready for spring and summer.

Just like with your car or your home, you have to invest some time and money in maintaining your all-terrain ride if you want it to last long. Here are four tips on how to go about this:

The battery is a major element in all vehicles, ATVs included. While your ATV’s battery was probably fine during the months you were actively using the vehicle; it’s a different matter when it has been in storage for months. Remove the battery and clean the terminals of oil and grime. Some swear that a solution of warm water and baking soda is the best cleaning agent for this while others say a can of Coke is enough. Invest in a good battery gauge to check that the battery is still fully charged.

Focus on the status of your ATV’s fluid levels, especially if you haven’t used it for a while. Uncap and check the oil, coolant, and other liquid components. It’s important to keep it at a comfortable level to ensure that the engine will continue to run smoothly.

An ATV’s air filter and spark plugs have to be replaced on a regular basis. Unlike the battery or motor, filters and plugs wear down with time and constant use. If not checked and replaced, it could cause the vehicle to slow or break down.

Tire pressure might be the cause of an ATV’s sluggish performance. The tires should be among the first things you inspect once your unit is out of storage. Get a tire gauge for your quad so you can regularly check the air pressure. It’s important that the front tires are kept inflated, but you should also check that the rear tires are solid as well. Keeping your tires at the right pressure means it will give you a smoother ride for a longer period. Drivers should also take the time to check and tighten each lug nut to ensure the tires are secure.

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