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4 Easy Ways To Prevent Boat Theft & Vandalism

There are a lot of ways you can protect yourself and your boat from thieves and vandals. Here are 4 of the easiest methods we recommend for clients to make it hard for people to damage your marine investment:

1) Make Sure It Is Secure As Securely Stored As Possible.

It’s best to put your boat in a covered storage such as a safe boat storage facility, rented storage unit and a locked garage. Make sure that it is out of sight if possible. If you need to keep it outdoors, block it with another vehicle so that it will not look easy to steal. You may also use something like a simple trailer hitch lock. Remove a wheel from the trailer so that criminals can?t tow away the boat without adding a wheel. Take another security step by locking it to something. In addition, you may use a video surveillance camera and a motion-activated floodlight. Get a secure lock and chain. Invest in a motor lock if you store your boat outdoors.

2) Engrave It.

Boat thieves usually sell the stolen vessels. They sometimes chop them up and sell off the parts. Make sure that you can identify your trailer, boat, electronics or accessories. Do this by engraving the hull identification number or HIN. You may also put your name in an unnoticeable location. Through this, if someone steals it, you can prove that it is your property. Make sure that you record your HIN somewhere to safekeep it.

3) Make an Inventory.

Take some time to get pictures and document what you own related to the boat. Start from the boat itself and include everything from the first aid kits and GPS. You should have a complete list of everything on board. Include the model number and make as well as other important details in your inventory. Keep all receipts when possible. When an unfortunate circumstance happens, you can immediately hand this over to the police and your Velox insurance agent. Make sure that you keep the original in a safe place.

4) Secure your things before you store your boat

Focus on prevention to make it difficult for thieves to steal from you. When you are far from your yacht, put the valuables in secure lockers or locked cupboards below the deck. Whenever you store your boat for winter, we recommend to remove everything valuable. Make sure that you keep them in a secure location. Always lock fuel tanks and motors to the boat. These can be the attractive targets to thieves. Remember to close the curtains and window blinds. It will prevent people from seeing what you have inside.

In addition to taking security and safety precautions for your boat, make sure that you have the right boat insurance. It?s important to have coverage in case of vandalism or theft. Make sure that you understand the deductible you need to pay. Also, check if there are limitations to the coverage like due diligence requirements.

People think of us here at Velox most often for car insurance, but we also help insure thousands of boat owners throughout the state. To learn more about how we can help you with your boat insurance coverage please contact our agency at (770) 293-0623 or Click Here to request a free quote online.

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