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What You Need To Know Before Buying Car Insurance

Most car owners look at cars as one of their biggest investments. To protect this investment, they buy only the best car insurance policy available. For new car owners, you should know that there is more to an auto insurance policy than just fulfilling your state’s requirements. Knowing the ins and outs of your policy will help you avoid unnecessary inconveniences and expenses in the future.

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Changing Your Own Oil And Coolant

Every car owner knows that car maintenance can be costly especially if you drive your car to work everyday. Car maintenance rates have been rising steadily for the past years and the upward trend is set to continue. Not to mention the complicated process of some tasks may result to bigger labor costs. Being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to skip on some of your car maintenance duties. To save money, here are some of the basic car maintenance tasks you can do at home.

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Afford Moto

Tips On Getting The Most Affordable Motorcycle Insurance

Riding a motorcycle is a great hobby and it can be liberating at times. Being able to ride through the streets can be an exhilarating experience and some people get hooked on it. However, you have to remember that every time you ride your motorcycle, you are exposing yourself to the rick of getting into a road accident.

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Senior car insurance

4 Ways To Save Money On Car Insurance For Seniors

Once you hit the age of 65, the rates for your car insurance usually start getting more expensive. As a senior, this might come to you as a shock and might put you at a financial risk. What you need to do is to start looking for insurance companies with the best insurance rates. Take advantage of being a senior and start saving on your auto insurance. Here are some tips. Continue reading


Surprising Things That Renters Insurance Covers

We’ve heard lots of renter horror stories. Someone may break-in your apartment and steal valuables or a collapsed ceiling in a rented townhouse may ruin the furniture. Broken water pipes may flood the whole apartment and leave the renter without a place to live. These incidents make renters insurance a necessity wherever you live.

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Recommendations for Employee Road Safety

A vehicle collision may occur every five seconds in the United States. A person dies every twelve minutes, and a person gets injured in an accident every 10 seconds. As a business owner, it’s important that you have a commercial auto liability policy that will fully protect you. That policy should be iron-clad. It is also important to initiate a program for employee road safety. It can help reduce the risks of your workers getting involved in a crash.
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Velox Insurance Offers Online Insurance Quotes in Alabama and Tennessee

Velox Insurance MapVelox Insurance, an independent insurance agency with over 32 branch offices throughout the U.S., is now licensed to quote and sell insurance in Alabama and Tennessee. Residents in those states can now obtain multiple insurance quotes from the top insurance carriers directly from the Velox Insurance website. Continue reading

It's National Blood Donor Month

It’s National Blood Donor Month

Give back to your community during National Blood Donor Month!

January is National Blood Donor Month! In 1970, National Blood Donor Month came into being due to a blood shortage. Today, this month is a time to recognize the heroes in your community or become one yourself! Every pint donated saves up to three lives, so get out and donate! Here’s what you should know about blood donation.


Before you decide to head over to blood bank, make sure that you’re eligible to give! Restrictions are placed to ensure both you and recipients of your blood stay healthy.

  • Age. Most states will let you donate at age 17, with a few that will allow 16-year-old donors. Parent consent is necessary for minors.
  • Weight. You must be at least 110lbs in order to donate. Any lighter, and donating could be harmful to your health!
  • Travel. If you’ve traveled recently you may be ineligible to donate. Certain regions pose a risk for illness that affects the blood like malaria.
  • Tattoos & Piercings. If you’ve gotten a tattoo or piercing recently, hold off on donating. Health officials want to make sure you don’t have any infections before you donate.
  • Medications. Certain medications may prevent you from being able to donate. Check before you go.
  • General health. You must be in good health to donate. If you’ve been feeling under the weather, hold off on donating until you feel better.

Be sure to check the eligibility requirements for more specifics on donor restrictions.

The Process.

Once you’re ready to donate, you’ll go through the following process.

  • Registration. When you arrive you’ll need to check in and fill out a few forms.
  • Health Check Up. Just to double check that you’re in good health, you’ll undergo a mini-physical and will have to review your health history.
  • Donation. It’s a quick process and sterile equipment is always used!
  • Snacks. After you donate, you’ll get snacks and drinks to ensure you refuel.

Velox Insurance supports the local community and encourages you to get involved this month. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, we serve all your vehicle and property insurance needs! Contact us for more information.