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VELOX - Condo Insurance 101

Condo Insurance 101

Condominiums are popular modes of housing today. That’s often because people want to live within (or at least near) the city. Other than that, they offer a lot of amenities that a single family house cannot. And because of that, ownership of a condo is a lot different than owning the regular house.

Condos are also very expensive investments. That is why you need to protect it with the right insurance coverage for your needs. To guide you, here are the things you should know about.

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VELOX - 5 Mistakes Parents Make When Insuring Teen Drivers

5 Mistakes Parents Make When Insuring Teen Drivers

Do you have a teen driver in the family? Or is your teen about to get a driver’s license? Then you should know how worrisome it is to get them behind the wheel. Not only are they inexperienced but they are prone to accidents as well. Aside from that, you need to prepare for a higher car insurance rate.

Does car insurance have to be very expensive for teen drivers? No. What most parents don’t realize is that there are some things they aren’t doing right on their car insurance. Let’s take a look at the five common mistakes parents with teen drivers make when insuring their vehicle.


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