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Using your Car during Winter

Scientists are predicting one of the coldest winters on record this year for the entire East Coast so we need to be ready. You wouldn’t want to get into an accident because you can’t see out your windows, right? Or get stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery. When the temperature goes down, you’d want to be prepared for anything that might happen on the road. Keep the following helpful tips in mind!


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How To Maintain Your Car Air Conditioning

A car’s air-conditioner doesn’t only blow cold air. It actually eliminates the hot air inside the car cabin and releases it outside the car. For this to work properly, it relies on mechanical parts to operate. And like all car parts, they are prone to wear and tear and require servicing to prevent breakdown.

Regular air conditioner service helps promote passenger comfort, particularly during the hot summer time. But although summer’s already over, it is still helpful to know how to maintain your car’s air-conditioning system.

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How To Avoid Potholes Down The Road

Potholes can be anywhere. If you’ve passed one before, the heavy thud probably worried you. You’ll either listen for noises as you cruise down the road or pray that the tires are okay. Thus, it makes driving stressful!

Can potholes be avoided? Of course! But how? Move to another place or never drive again? Fortunately, those shouldn’t be the case. Read these following tips on how to avoid potholes.

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VELOX - Car Insurance Need Not Be Expensive For Students

Car Insurance Need Not Be Expensive For Students

There’s a mix of excitement and dread when your child becomes eligible for his road test. You feel excited because you will no longer have to drive him or her around. And dread because you’re worried about their safety and not exactly sure how much the insurance will cost. Car insurance for students isn’t going to be cheap, but there’s a lot we can do to reduce the expenses.

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VELOX - What You Need to Know About Student Car Insurance

What You Need to Know About Student Car Insurance

Unfortunately, many of us understand too well that young students can be expensive to insure. With their inexperience and hectic schedules, they are at risk for fender-benders and other types of accidents. It is a smart idea to get them insured with the best auto insurance there is. While it can be expensive, you can always find a way to reduce the premiums. But first, you should understand how insurers come up with your rates.

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