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Recommendations for Employee Road Safety

A vehicle collision may occur every five seconds in the United States. A person dies every twelve minutes, and a person gets injured in an accident every 10 seconds. As a business owner, it’s important that you have a commercial auto liability policy that will fully protect you. That policy should be iron-clad. It is also important to initiate a program for employee road safety. It can help reduce the risks of your workers getting involved in a crash.
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How to Paint your Home Safely

There are plenty of reasons why we improve our homes. Among them are to increase market value and to reduce home insurance rates. But for the most part, we just wanted our homes to look pleasing to the eyes. And what’s the best way to do that? Apply a nice coat of paint, of course!

We all want to save on expenses, right? Thus, as much as possible, we want to do home improvement projects ourselves. A DIY home painting project requires minimal effort and the right kind of paint.

It is important to note that there are paints that are dangerous to your health. Hence, you wouldn’t want to use those for your home. Paint fumes aren’t just a simple case of bad smell – they can harm you in ways you don’t know. So before you start your project, keep these safe painting tips in mind.

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Squealing Brakes are Serious

When you first drive your car in the morning, you may hear your brakes squealing – especially after rain or snow. That happens when the surface rust is being scraped off the rotors the first few times the brakes are applied. It shouldn’t be worrisome when it goes away after a few brake applications. But what if the noise doesn’t go away?

If the noise persists while you’re driving, it is often a dangerous situation, and it needs fixing. Have it checked by your mechanic as soon as possible. When left unattended, it may have grave consequences and repairs may become very expensive.

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Before Buying a Commercial Auto Policy, Ask These Questions First

If your company operates using vehicles, you might want to purchase auto insurance coverage for your enterprise. However, before you get a policy, it is best if you understand the issues to consider and the fundamentals in commercial auto insurance policies.

The following are the basic things that you should ask yourself before you buy a commercial auto policy. Your given information will make it easier in comparing coverage and making an informed choice.

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