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Velox Insurance Offers Online Insurance Quotes in Alabama and Tennessee

Velox Insurance MapVelox Insurance, an independent insurance agency with over 32 branch offices throughout the U.S., is now licensed to quote and sell insurance in Alabama and Tennessee. Residents in those states can now obtain multiple insurance quotes from the top insurance carriers directly from the Velox Insurance website. Continue reading

Why Buy Insurance From an Independent Agent?

Why Buy Insurance From an Independent Agent?

There are a lot of options when it comes to buying insurance. You can visit insurance websites to get quotes online, use a smartphone app, call an 800 number, or contact a local insurance agent. There is no better way to buy insurance than from an independent agent. Of course we’re biased, but there are too many reasons to buy from an independent agent instead of from someone who works directly for an insurance company. Here are 4 of our favorites:

You Don’t Have to Shop Around

Independent insurance agents work with multiple insurance carriers, which means we can run quotes for several different insurance companies at the same time and determine right away where you’ll get the best deal. If you visit individual insurance company websites or call 800 numbers you’ll have a hard time getting more than 3 quotes an hour.

You’ll Get the Best Price

Since independent insurance agencies like Velox work with so many different insurance carriers, it’s easy to find a company that has the most competitive price for your situation. Whether you have a perfectly clean driving record or are high-risk, we’ll find an insurance carrier that wants to have clients like you and is priced accordingly.

You’ll Get the Best Insurance

Because an independent insurance agency has many different carriers to sell insurance through, they have first-hand experience working with many different insurance carriers and if an independent insurance agent has bad experiences with one carrier they’ll stop selling their insurance.

You’ll Get the Truth

Insurance agents who only sell for one insurance company are not in a position to give honest and forthright information to their clients. When a salesperson only has one option to sell you they’ll either be unconsciously biased toward their product or will consciously tell you things that are not true about the insurance company because they have no other options!

If an independent insurance agent makes a recommendation to you about which insurance company is best you can believe them. As an independent agency our loyalty is to customers, not insurance carriers.

If you’ve never worked with an independent insurance agency before don’t be surprised if you never go back. The time and money savings, policy options, and honest advice cannot be beat. See for yourself by giving us a call at 1-866-Go-Velox or click here to locate a trusted independent agency near you today.


4 Motorcycle Maintenance Safety Tips For Spring

4 Motorcycle Maintenance Safety Tips For Spring

We’ve spoken with many of our motorcycle insurance clients who think this time of year is the best time to go for a ride. It’s not too cold and the hot Atlanta summer sun isn’t shining down on us yet. If your motorcycle hasn’t been driven much through winter it’s a good idea to run some routine maintenance before that first ride of spring.

Here are 4 of the most important maintenance tasks to consider before taking your bike out this spring:

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Protect Yourself On & Off The Road This Summer With ATV Auto Insurance From Velox

ATV Insurance

Velox Insurance knows that even in sweltering summer heat, Georgia loves to go outside. So if you’ve taken a break from hiking, swimming, and reading on the porch, you’re probably thinking about dusting off the ATVs. ATVs, or All-Terrain Vehicles, are an amazing way to enjoy fresh air, bond with friends, and take an exhilarating tour of the beautiful Georgia countryside, so Velox Insurance wants to make sure you get the most out of them! Continue reading